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Taking the Fear out of Hearts and Minds.

Recently, someone asked me, did I know the prophesies in the Bible that relate to our present-day crisis’ in the world?

The Bible gives us insight, prophesies that relate to our present-day, situations and events that are taking place in the world.

Sadly, there are people proclaiming ‘the end of the world is near.’ They will say look at the state of the world: floods, famine and a dictator threatening nuclear war to take over a small area of land belonging to another country. Preachers, using scriptures to make people fear and believe that it will take place soon.                       

Yes, we are looking for answers to climate change that is affecting the world. We recognize the serious problems involved; sea levels rising, and the scorched earth devastating crops across the world. I believe world leaders will find ways to reduce carbon levels and to adapt to these changes.

In the longer term, out of necessity world leaders will come together and form a one world government and it is some time off. It is a recognizable Bible prophecy of a one world government, not like the United Nations comprising of all nations, but of a small number of world leaders, kings that the Apostle John saw in his vision.

The angel interpreted Apostle John’s revelation, “And the ten horns that you saw are ten kings who have not yet received royal power, but they are to receive authority as for one hour, together with the beast.” Revelation 17: 12. The ten kings’ prophecy refers to ‘a one world government.’ When it takes place many will identify with this Bible prophesies by billions of people across the world. The beast, the antichrist, will emerge from among the ten kings. At some point during or after this beast identifies himself, Jesus, will call out of the church, before his return to the earth.

God’s love gives us hope, as we look to the scriptures, his love reaches out through Jesus to take away fear. Jesus in his gentle humility, gives us freedom to choose whether we accept him or not as the Saviour of the world.